Some one hundred years ago, minds joined forces to form the artistic movement known as DADA. These vanguards united forces with intentions of shocking a complacent public through use of the “Absurd.” The resulting art works were a complete renuniciation of the guiding logic leading capitalist society forward. Confronting actions were staged and challenging creations were  made.  The entire perception of what “reality” truly was called into question.

The BEAU HOMME A/W18 collection “DADA 100: Leave Certainty Behind” serves as a centenary commemoration honouring the DADA iconoclasts. The groups’ efforts resound with a disarming relevance to the current day. Authentic reality has become muddled through layers of illusionary propaganda. This is an age of confusion, further tangled in a system of “alternative facts.” 

Truth is revealed through the contemplative and active questioning of conventional behavioural methods. In the reconsideration and reconfiguration of traditional menswear forms, BEAU HOMME acts in conjunction with DADA to rouse individuals out of their compliancy in a ridiculous and humanly unjust state of worldly affairs.

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A/W 18 photography: Derrick Santini / stylist: Becky Seagere / HMU: Famida Pathan / model: Berik @ FIRST